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The Inflexis Biometric System

Your organization’s critical data may be at risk. And a simple password is no longer an effective method of protection. The average user has too many passwords to remember and chooses either to write passwords down or uses the same password for every application.

New approaches using biometric data, such as a fingerprint, to provide a digital identity are virtually impossible to steal. However, not every biometric system is created equal. And your data can still be at risk if identifying the individual and granting access is done on the client computer, which is vulnerable to methods that are well known by sophisticated hackers. In addition, a new problem has been created by the proliferation of flash drives that can easily be stolen or lost.

Inflexis provides the first and only solution that eliminates these vulnerabilities by moving identification onto a secure USB device that integrates an authentication processor, biometric hardware, flash drive storage and enterprise management control into one homogeneous system.

Inflexis DesktopIDInflexis MobileID

The key components of the system are the USB plug and play Inflexis devices that have built-in fingerprint sensors and audit trail capabilities as well as the processing power to perform all of the critical security functions associated with authentication, data encryption and memory management. This approach prevents hackers from using their current tools to analyze and interpret data on the PC or client computer.

For use with a desktop computer, Inflexis DesktopID™ allows users to securely logon at their desk while the Inflexis MobileID™ has added functionality for users on-the-go, including a display screen, significant flash memory and secure encrypted storage that cannot be compromised if lost or stolen. The proprietary enterprise software provides the management, provisioning and functionality required to integrate the Inflexis device into the overall data security process.

Why Inflexis?

Inflexis Improves Productivity - Biometric technology eliminates management cost and production downtime associated with forgotten passwords

You’ll Get Enhanced Security Levels - This is achieved through strong authentication and data encryption coupled with the need for an actual user to be present for logon

The Devices are Snoop Proof - An on-board authentication processor and fingerprint sensor manage the identification process and fully encrypt all communication to and from the device

It is Cost Effective - An affordable solution with additional cost savings from reduced password management (financing is available)

It’s Easy to Use - No password to remember, no typing required … a simple swipe of a finger verifies identity every time

The System is Adaptable - Interfaces with Windows Active Directory and can add biometric security management to your existing network authentication system

There is an Audit Trail - All specified transactions are logged so that access to confidential data can be tracked for compliance

The System is Easy to Install and Maintain - Out of the box functionality with central enrollment and deployment

There is Administrative Software - Server-hosted, advanced security software provides management control and simplifies deployment and administration

We Provide Advanced Authentication - System components meet requirements for FCIC/NCIC access

To get a maximum security solution that is easy-to-use, flexible to suit your needs and current systems, and cost effective, contact us today.

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